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Insurable Values

Money apparently can't buy success at this year's World Cup.
By: | June 23, 2014

Germany, Spain, England and Brazil have the four most expensive teams in terms of insurable value, according to research by Lloyd’s.

In fact, the average insurable value of one player for England is more than the entire Costa Rican team — a very ironic factoid since twice-defeated and eliminated England faced off on June 24 against Costa Rica, which has already scored two major upsets (against Italy and Uruguay). The England vs. Costa Rica match ended i n a 0-0 tie.

Of course, expensive insurable value didn’t work out too well for last year’s champions, Spain, either, which is heading home in defeat, although it managed to win 3-0 against Australia in its final game.

According to Lloyd’s research in conjunction with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), the total collective value of all teams is estimated at $10.5 billion.

CEBR used players’ wages and endorsement incomes, as well as other indicators to construct an economic model that estimates players’ incomes until retirement. Those projections formed the basis for assessing insurable values by player age, playing position and nationality.

Here is each team’s insurable value:


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