In Conversation with Risk & Insurance: Gallagher Bassett’s Mike Hessling Discusses the ‘Family and Friends’ Approach to Building Talent Organically

Mike Hessling, chief executive officer North America with Gallagher Bassett, sat down with Risk & Insurance to discuss changing trends in talent and the core principles that keep the organization’s pipeline full of top talent with shared values.
By: | June 12, 2023
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Mike Hessling and Michelle Kerr at RIMS 2023

Mike Hessling, chief executive officer North AmericaGallagher Bassett, sat down with Michelle Kerr, national workers’ comp editor and conference chair of Risk & Insurance, at RISKWORLD 2023.

Top of mind for Hessling is talk of talent. The industry — Gallagher Bassett included — remains sharply focused on attracting and retaining top talent amid a difficult labor environment.

Pandemic, economic and social factors have created ripples of change throughout that labor environment, but core values haven’t wavered, from Hessling’s perspective.

“When we think about what has remained constant, I would say a few things … Our people want to know that they work for an organization that shares their values; they want to know that their work is meaningful and contributes to the companies, the clients, the communities they serve.”

People also want to know that they’re recognized and valued for the work they do, said Hessling, “and they want to know that they have opportunities to grow their careers to support those they love.”

Strong company culture, active engagement and just being human are deeply embedded values for Gallagher Bassett. A focus on supporting employees’ whole selves and creating personal connections are core strengths that Gallagher Bassett has been able to rely on through turbulent times.

“It comes back to engaging people and understanding what’s happening at home and at work. And that’s not to say that we pry, but it’s to make sure they feel they can be open … Because to me, once you can support workers, they can bring their best selves to work, so I think that’s critically important.”

Added Hessling, “I think the pandemic really caused all of us to appreciate that work and home aren’t two separate environments — they’re really intertwined.” &

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