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How Telemedicine is Changing the Game in Mental Health Care

Workers' comp payers and providers know injured workers need access to behavioral health services. A new, dedicated telemedicine initiative seeks to improve accessibility and get patients the care they need faster.

White Paper Summary

Within the occupational health care ecosystem, payers and providers have long recognized the need for behavioral and mental health services. This is particularly true for first responders, health care workers, and transportation sector workers who are more likely to witness traumatic situations firsthand, but also pertains to any injured worker who may be experiencing psychological stress.

“With workplace violence on the rise, organizations must be ready to address emotional effects of trauma and employee needs following an incident. Often mental health struggles are not evident on ‘day one;’ by definition, symptoms of PTSD are identified much later. To ensure readiness of response, employers must take action to identify resources and specialists who can proactively address the emotional aftermath associated with a serious workplace incident,” said Beth Burry-Jackson, MA, CRC, ARM, Managing Director – Managed Care Programs, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

“By engaging the appropriate mental and behavioral health specialists early on, employers can help address these very real concerns following a traumatic event. The ultimate goal is to enable the employee to achieve a sense of normalcy and feelings of safety in returning to work. Introducing such resources on the front end of the claim life cycle can help facilitate and achieve improved outcomes on many levels.”

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