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5 Must-See Sessions at RIMS

Five sessions in San Antonio that should pack them in.
By: | April 10, 2018

A session on drones and drones risk management is among the more tantalizing agenda items at the RIMS annual conference.

Attendees to the RIMS annual conference in San Antonio April 15 through April 19 will open their program guides and see a number of educational sessions to choose from. Here are five the Risk & Insurance® edit team thinks would be time well-spent. The listings below are taken directly from the RIMS session guide, with some additional commentary from R&I in italics. All times are central.

Cyber as a Peril: Understanding How Multiple Insurance Policies Intersect with Cyber Risk

 Monday, April 16 — 3 pm to 4 pm

Wrap your head around cyber risk dynamics. Consider the new risks presented by the Internet of Things (IoT) and the interconnectedness of multiple technology systems. Examine the different ways network security failures can affect your organization. Determine the insurance coverages that might apply. Build your understanding of the impact of unforeseen consequences of cyber events on different policies.

Category: Cyber Risk Management (CRM)

Room: Hemisfair Ballroom C3

Learning Objectives:

  • Cite the physical and nonphysical damages that arise from cyber incidents
  • Establish which potential coverages may apply to specific cyber incident damages
  • Shape your strategic approach to addressing emerging cyber risks


  • Jean Nkamdon, Risk Management and Compliance Manager, The Washington Post
  • Shiraz Saeed, National Practice Leader-Cyber Risk, Starr Companies

Nkamdon and Saeed have both produced or contributed to compelling content for R&I. Couple that with the fact that risk managers everywhere are struggling with how to incorporate cyber coverage into their overall insurance programs and this should be a good one.

Where in the World? International Risk Professionals Roundtable Session

Tuesday, April 17 9:15 to 10:45 am

Join a roundtable discussion to openly share experiences, challenges, ideas and best practices related to global risk management. Submit topics you would like to debate ahead of time. Network and review international risk management issues in a collegial environment. This session is hosted by the RIMS International Committee.

Category: Emerging Risks (EMR)

Room: 220-Global Lounge

Learning Objectives:

  • Network with risk professionals from around the globe
  • Compare insights on how risk management is conducted in different parts of the world
  • Answer your vital questions with fellow risk professionals’ experience and knowledge


  • Hailey Aldren, Director – Risk, MAXIMUS
  • John Mayfield, Senior Director of Risk Management, Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Santiago Garcia, Global Insurance Manager, Caterpillar Inc.

Risk managers and their carrier partners are all in a race to build the best multinational risk and insurance programs. This is a well-timed session that should be well attended.

Sky-High Drone Growth Presents Challenges and Opportunities

Tuesday, 9:30 am to 10:30 am

From local, line-of-sight inspections to international cargo delivery, early drone — or UAS, unmanned aircraft system—adoption presents myriad uses as well as risks. Examine accident frequency and causes. Look at the technology’s influence on risk-related outcomes. Determine how you can manage risk around flight operations and privacy and what insurance is available. And consider whether you could lose the long-term UAS support network you had envisioned.

Category: Emerging Risks (EMR)

Room: 303A-C

Learning Objectives:

  • Detail the current restrictions regarding Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Explain how the insurance industry addresses common exposures from UAS
  • Differentiate UAS coverages from aviation and property and casualty insurance markets


  • Vincent Monastersky, Vice President, Risk Management, Fox Entertainment Group, Inc.
  • Chris Proudlove, Senior Vice President, Underwriting Executive, Product Development & UAS, Global Aerospace Inc.

Drones are being employed in a myriad of risk management applications. But they could also be a risk in and of themselves.

Active Threat and Workplace Violence on Campus: Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Tuesday, 1:15 to 2:45

From random to sophisticated attacks, make sure you know why violent events require forethought, understanding and recovery coping mechanisms. Prepare your organization by identifying threat indicators and potential in order to shape responses. Familiarize yourself with techniques for getting everyday citizens trained, equipped and empowered to help. Discuss preparations for immediate postevent management and crisis support as well as recovery.

Category: Risk Control (RIC)

Room: Hemisfair Ballroom C1

Learning Objectives:

  • Link vulnerabilities and threat indicators to appropriate postincident responses
  • Assemble best practices for violent incident preparation and response
  • Identify key crisis management sources of response support, internally and externally


  • Paul Mills, Global Kidnap Prevention Manager, AIG
  • Craig McAllister, Director, Risk Mgmt. & Insurance, Cornell University
  • Kendall Moore, Senior Vice President, The Abernathy MacGregor Group

Getting risk management right in this area is perhaps one of the most pressing needs organizations face.

Hot Topic: New Perspectives on Sexual Harassment Claims and Risk Management

Wednesday, 11 am to noon.

A tidal wave of sexual harassment claims has been unleashed across news and social media with related discrimination, hostile work environment, retaliation and sexual assault allegations also coming to the forefront. Determine the long-term economic and brand damage that could result from the consequent business disruption and marred reputations. Explore the risk from insurance, legal and corporate perspectives as well as transfer and mitigation opportunities.

Category: Emerging Risks (EMR)

Room: 303A-C

Learning Objectives:

  • Plan ways you can limit reputational and brand harm from sexual harassment risk
  • Clarify the role of employment practices liability and other coverages for this risk
  • Determine how to ensure best practices to prevent sexual harassment are implemented


  • Carrie Kurzon, National EPL Practice Leader, The Hartford
  • Meredith Cavallaro, Partner, Paduano & Weintraub LLP
  • Brett Harvey, Vice President, Employee and Labor Relations, SP+
  • Kelly Thoerig, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Another topic where the risk has clearly outrun mitigation and where corporations and other entities are searching for answers. &

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected]

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