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Don’t Let These Factors Derail Recovery: Experts Reveal How Age and Mental Health Affect Physical Therapy

As we try to better understand how biopsychosocial factors influence recovery, industry professionals may want to consider how age and mental health conditions influence physical therapy.

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Over the last few years, the workers’ compensation industry has been considering how factors like age or mental health affect recovery, but few have attempted to quantify how these factors affect claims in terms of how many additional visits a patient struggling with comorbidities may need.

“As all that information is gathered, it paints this picture of their recovery,” said Brian Peers, vice president, clinical services for MedRisk.

Recovery from musculoskeletal injuries in particular can be affected by outside factors. Older workers might need more physical therapy visits than younger workers, for instance. Those struggling with mental health conditions might avoid going to visits, causing recovery to drag on for longer.

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