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Businesses Are Demanding Creative, Flexible D&O Solutions

Point-of-sale underwriters with full authority can help craft creative business policies for an organization’s D&O and liability policy needs.

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Businesses today move quickly. They may be on the verge of creating innovative, new products or they may be growing their enterprises through mergers and acquisitions. Whatever the case, companies are rapidly evolving and directors and officers (D&O) insurance policies are rising to meet their insurance needs.

There have been over 30 entrants into the D&O market over the past two years, according to Mark Butler, Vice President, Underwriting, D&O for AmTrust EXEC. Rates have dropped significantly as new entrants try to compete with more established insurers.

“Capacity is probably near an all-time high in D&O,” Butler said. “We’re now in a hyper-competitive environment, particularly for public D&O.”

With so many potential carriers in the field and a market that could shift as litigation picks up again as courts are reopening after COVID-19 closures, insureds need to carefully consider which insurer is the best fit for their business. To compete, carriers need to make decisive underwriting decisions and offer bespoke solutions.

“We really dig in, roll up our sleeves, and we look at each of these deals ultimately to try to help our trading partners with a solution for their client,” Butler said.

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