The Beacon Group Broker Don Dresback Recognized as a 2023 Public Sector Power Broker

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Don Dresback, Executive Vice President, The Beacon Group

Don Dresback, CPCU, ARM, AAI
Executive Vice President
The Beacon Group, Boca Raton, Fla.

“Don is an extension of our department.” That’s how Troy Wilkinson, ARM, insurance specialist, The School District of Palm Beach County, thinks about his broker Don Dresback.

“I work arm-in-arm with [his] team,” Wilkinson said. “If you mentioned Don’s name anywhere in Palm Beach County,” they’re going to know who you are talking about.

“He’s been a mentor to so many people. He’s been a mentor to me,” he added. “I think he knows more about the district’s insurance than even some of us working in the district.”

It’s this ability to know his clients and become a household name within their departments that’s impressed Wilkinson.

He lauded Dresback for his amazing memory: “If Don doesn’t have the answer, chances are he will remember who else in the district already does, because he has talked to so many people within the district at some point.”

This year, he helped close a Hurricane Isaac claim that was nine years old. This is the 10th largest school district in the country, and so the claim was large, and it required a ton of back and forth with the State of Florida and FEMA. “Don has been on top of this claim for the better part of nine years and saw it through to completion.”

As for Dresback’s brokering approach, Wilkinson said the broker is always working with the “best interest of the school district” in mind. “He’s always asking us for detailed information, but it’s always for a reason. He’s working to present us with our best foot forward.”

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