Marsh Broker Kate Fowler Recognized as a 2023 Utilities Power Broker

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Kate Fowler, Senior Vice President, U.S. Energy and Power, Marsh  

Kate Fowler, CPCU, ARM, AINS,
Senior Vice President, U.S. Energy and Power,
Marsh, Charlotte, N.C.

In 2022, “Kate [Fowler] was instrumental in obtaining off-site liability coverage to support the license transfer of two nuclear facilities to us,” said one client. “Kate ensured the liability coverage was obtained through intensive due diligence with American Nuclear Insurers [ANI].”

Most importantly, the VP said, “the terms and conditions of the license transfer for the sale required we notify regulators two days prior to closing that liability coverage was obtained.”

Late in the transaction, one line of coverage had not been bound “Kate secured a letter of insurability within 12 hours of being notified of the gap,” said the VP. “Without that letter, the closing would have been delayed, and there were significant financial consequences.”

In an even larger transaction, a large utility created a separate entity for its nuclear operations. “We have a multitude of policies covering both our nuclear property and liability programs,” said the director of insurance for the new group.

“Kate’s highly detailed nature and knowledge of the industry were instrumental in making sure we were in compliance with all regulatory and carrier requirements. Kate’s close relationship with Nuclear Energy Insurance Limited and ANI management, as well as her past experience as a nuclear underwriter, helped to ensure all our policies were appropriately endorsed, besides helping us to restructure our program to reduce our costs and align with our new risk appetite. Her technical acumen and analytics helped us restructure our programs to mitigate our largest exposures and also save premium dollars.”

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