HUB International Broker Stefan Burkey Recognized as a 2023 Hospitality Power Broker

Topics: Hospitality

Stefan Burkey
Florida Hospitality Practice Leader
HUB International, Winter Park, Fla.

Stefan Burkey, Florida Hospitality Practice Leader, HUB International

Ishwar Naran, the president and CEO of Premier Resorts, considers himself pretty well connected in the hospitality industry. Not only does he head one company and own several hotel properties, but he also served as chair of the board of Best Western International in 2021 as part of a hospitality career that now runs three decades.

So great is Naran’s admiration for Stefan Burkey that when he was chair of the Best Western board, he made a point of introducing Burkey to other members of the board so they would benefit from his knowledge.

“Communication is the best part of what he does,” said Naran, adding he has never had an inkling of a doubt about Burkey’s ethics.

Knight, the CEO of the Cocoa Beach Surf Company, also expressed her admiration for Burkey’s accomplishments. Knight’s business is headquartered on a barrier island in Florida.

Need we say more about the challenges she faces in getting the windstorm coverage her company needs to feel secure?

With Burkey’s assistance, Knight has been able to quadruple her company’s windstorm limits over the past couple of years.

Knight also praised Burkey’s preparation and communication: “If he thinks something is going to have an impact on a renewal, we start talking about it in August.”

For his part, Burkey said data integrity and the risks of human trafficking are two areas getting a lot of attention from hospitality sector underwriters these days.

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