HUB International Broker Seth Cohen Recognized as a 2023 Entertainment Power Broker

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Seth Cohen, Senior Vice President, HUB International

Seth Cohen, CPCU, ARM, Senior Vice President, HUB International, Encino, Calif.

When it comes to client service, Seth Cohen takes a hands-on approach with every entertainment industry client — from visiting filmmakers on set to studying the filmmaking process.

“This year was not a typical year for our company,” said John Nemeth, director, operations at Jax Media. “It was a year filled with firsts. We regularly encountered scenarios we had never seen before, and Seth’s contributions were invaluable.”

Most recently, Jax Media took on a project for which obtaining coverage was extremely challenging. “I don’t know of another broker who could have found coverage solutions for us under these circumstances.” Nemeth said. “Had Seth not found coverage, the project almost certainly would not have been filmed.”

Cohen’s understanding of the entertainment industry is extremely extensive. He understands production intimately – both the bigger picture and the more granular, day­to-day details.

“Seth is able to weigh in on a very practical level, providing solutions and input I·ve never seen from another broker,” Nemeth said.

Cohen’s passion to help clients tackle issues and unique challenges, 24/7/365, drives him to provide the best service for his clients.

And they’ve noticed: “The ultimate result has been that Seth is now an invaluable collaborator,” Nemeth said. “In our world of TV and film production, successful collaboration is everything, and this is exactly what Seth produces on a daily basis across our extensive slate of productions.”

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