HUB International Broker Samantha Bradley Recognized as a 2023 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Samantha Bradley, Senior Account Advisor, HUB International

Samantha Bradley
Senior Account Advisor
HUB International, Eugene, Ore.

Samantha Bradley relies on data to strategize and problem-solve with her clients, driving results and protecting their interests. One of Bradley’s clients, a veteran health care provider, was hit particularly hard by COVID and is still recovering. High rates of COVID testing continued to impact the client’s costs.

The client was frustrated with its previous reactive approach to claims and losses, a representative explained; they were always looking back retroactively with no opportunity to fix issues before they became claims.

“When we hired Sam, it changed drastically. There are times when you feel you’re standing in the front of the boat and can see where you’re headed — that’s what we have with Sam. We have a clear vision of where we’re going and how we can impact things in the future,” the representative said.

Bradley turned the costs around for the client, resulting in an almost 15% reduction at renewal. By analyzing the employee population, she pinpointed high-cost trends and crafted a wellness plan to help the client further reduce costs. Her client noted, “We can better meet employee needs, and we understand our employee population better now. The holistic approach to benefits management from Sam offers more value in the way of the health of our employees.”

Another of Bradley’s clients spoke about the creative risk solutions she has found, and the ways Bradley uses data to help clients make decisions.”

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