HUB International Broker Maggie Osburn Recognized as a 2023 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Maggie Osburn, Senior Vice President, HUB International

Maggie Osburn
Senior Vice President
HUB International, San Diego

Successful cost management strategies are more important than ever for employee benefit packages, with employers seeing sky-high increases this year. Maggie Osburn focused on helping her clients find ways to manage astronomical plan increases while still providing competitive employee benefits packages.

One client received a 90% renewal quote from the incumbent. Osburn suggested the client carve out an hourly, non-exempt, almost seasonal population and provide a MEC + MVP plan offering for them. By doing so, she was able to keep the benefits rich while reducing costs.

Another client faced a 43% increase at renewal. Osburn was able to reduce benefits via plan decrements and layer in The Difference Card to keep employees whole on plan design while saving the plan sponsor double digits.

Her client said, “Maggie is the ally who walks alongside you on the winding path of designing and negotiating plans, M&A analysis, wellness programs, compliance, education and employee engagement initiatives.”

Another client had a history of frequent claims. Osburn analyzed the claims data and found it was largely driven by ER visits from workers aged 18-22. Realizing much of this was due to college students who did not know how to access the right care at the right time, she crafted an educational program for students and their parents designed to help them access care appropriately.

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