HUB International Broker Art Flanagan Recognized as a 2023 Marine Power Broker

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Art Flanagan, Senior Vice President, HUB International

Portrait of Art Flanagan

Art Flanagan
Senior Vice President
HUB International, Houston

“Art handled for us what potentially could have been some very big claims,” said a client. “He contained them and helped us keep them to small claims.” The nature of the company’s business includes handling hazardous materials and interactions with multiple modes of transportation and storage. Broker Art Flanagan “came out here to our facility, he talked with us and saw the operations. He has come to know our managers and workers.”

As is often the case with growing firms, the insurance modifications necessary to facilitate expansions and acquisitions happen at the same time as outstanding claims are being processed. “We’ve been trying to close a transaction with another party for some time,” said the president. “We needed an extension on our renewal pending the closing of the deal. Art got us the extension at a reasonable price. Then he worked with the other party and ultimately handled our renewal and the tail coverage for the assets that changed hands. It was all in flux the whole time, and Art handled it all smoothly.”

Arranging insurance for coastal properties in Texas has been particularly challenging the past few years. For one client, Flanagan moved sensitive inventory coverage from its property policy and transformed its ocean cargo policy into more comprehensive stock-throughput coverage. Those changes reduced the cost of the property coverage where rates had been rising. That also shielded the property program from paying a claim, resulting in a more reasonable but still challenging renewal.

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