Gallagher Broker Wes Grigston Recognized as a 2023 Employee Benefits Power Brokers

Wes Grigston, AVP, Regional Director of the Public Sector Practice, Gallagher

Wes Grigston
AVP, Regional Director of the Public Sector Practice
Gallagher, Charlotte, N.C.

Local governments and public entities across North Carolina enjoy the option to enroll in the North Carolina Health Insurance Pool (NCHIP). NCHIP is a solution designed to help public entities increase affordable access to health insurance.

Wes Grigston and his colleagues at Gallagher started NCHIP in 2018 to help solve the problems of access, cost and availability.

2022 saw the addition of five entities to the pool at the direction of Grigston. One of Grigston’s clients and a charter member of the pool described how it has impacted their organization.

“We have been a part of the group for four years and our health insurance premiums have remained level for these four years. It’s cutting-edge and one of the most successful pools in the country,” they said.

The client, a large local government, faced continuous pressure to keep costs down for employees.

“This year, Wes has put a lot of effort into wellness programs and helping us control our pharmacy costs,” they noted. While the client pays the cost of health insurance for its employees, employees pay for their dependent’s costs. “One of our biggest challenges is family costs. We’ve been looking at an HSA to help mitigate costs. Wes is constantly trying to find solutions to help our employees.”

He also introduced an automated benefits administration system to boot.

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