Gallagher Broker Tracie McPherson Recognized as a 2023 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Tracie McPherson, Area President, Gallagher

Tracie McPherson
Area President
Gallagher, Ridgeland, Miss.

Tracie McPherson’s penchant for long-term strategizing combined with her ability to move quickly has paid off for her clients this year.

McPherson began working with a new client in 2022 that had a self-funded health plan. She quickly initiated a search for a new pharmacy plan, negotiating a result that saved the company $11 million over three years with no disruption to the employees.

Another large hospital system has been a long-term client of McPherson’s. With her guidance, the client previously moved to a new TPA and network that lead to a substantial three-year savings of $5 million. This year, she found a new pharmacy solution for the client that resulted in $2 million in savings over the three-year contract period.

A third client was struggling with spiraling health care costs and turned to McPherson for a creative solution. The client said, “We had projected a 25% increase year-over-year before Tracie came in, but through her recommendations, it didn’t increase at all. She saved us well over $500k in one year.”

While the cost savings were significant for her client, McPherson embedded additional creative solutions to add value. By getting to know her client’s company culture, she suggested a solution to better fit the employees’ needs.

The client explained, “She was able to negotiate our rates not increasing, but also the carriers agreed to some language that we needed as a group. She got our rates locked in for a period of time so we didn’t have to worry about inflation for at least three years.”

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