Gallagher Broker Michael Boisvert Recognized as 2023 Health Care Power Broker

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Michael Boisvert, Area Vice President, Gallagher

Michael Boisvert, CPCU, ARM, AINS
Area Vice President
Gallagher, Charlotte, N.C.

Michael Boisvert is no stranger to the difficulties a renewal can bring. Add the usual hurdles to last year’s hardening market and Boisvert was truly put to the test. Still, he delivered for his clients.

“This was a very challenging year in regard to renewing all lines of coverage,” said Greg Stanley, head of compliance, privacy, risk and insurance for Scotland Health. “We were extremely satisfied with several options that [Michael] was able to bring to the table.”

Stanley credited Scotland Health’s renewal success to Boisvert’s extensive knowledge of the health care sector from both “the insurance and health care entity perspectives.” In the end, Boisvert and his head for health care “helped [Scotland Health] maximize our coverage resources and allowed us to choose the risk level we were most comfortable [with], and the cost that aligned with our budget.”

Boisvert provides the same level of expertise to his smaller clients. One of these is Northern Regional Hospital, a small rural hospital in North Carolina. For a system as small as this, having a broker that can specify its needs is crucial — and Boisvert delivers.

“[Michael] is very good at listening to [our] needs and thinking about individualizing [our plans],” said Jill Puckett, risk manager of the hospital. She recalled a situation in which registered nurses could have faced liability for alleged “inappropriate doings,” leaving providers pointing the finger. Despite the tricky landscape, Boisvert eased some of the worry. “Michael [stayed] on top of it,” Puckett said. “[His] customer service is excellent.”

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