Aon Broker Kirsten Kellstrom Recognized as a 2023 International Power Broker

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Kirsten Kellstrom, Vice President, Aon

Kirsten Kellstrom
Vice President
Aon, Denver

Kirsten Kellstrom has the deep market experience needed in the international insurance sector.

Recently, Kellstrom shared her knowledge with a client looking for direction in underwriting their international GL insurance program, which involved performing international contract reviews and supporting the insured’s understanding of their contractual requirements, indemnifications and insurance obligations on a country-by-country basis.

“Kirsten is extremely driven and has always accomplished the most favorable results in terms of account service and premiums during our global insurance renewals,” said a company spokesperson.

“Kirsten has the right contacts within the industry, especially our primary insurer, and has the right knowledge and experience to ensure a successful renewal consistently, year after year.”

Tom Bergstrom, risk manager, Kyndryl, a 2021 spin-off from IBM, said 90% of the company’s operations and revenue are external to the U.S., coming from 66 countries.

“Kirsten managed my international casualty and property program, which would be a significant task for an ongoing entity, but for a brand new $19 billion spin-off company, it was a monumental task and performed on point,” Bergstrom said.

“I am always amazed at how her answers by country are front-of-mind knowledge as opposed to a research project. Kirsten is very well connected within Aon, and many discussions with other disciplines result in a reference to Kirsten as the resource for answers.”

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