Aon Broker Jennifer Ebeling Recognized as a 2023 Cyber Power Broker

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Jennifer Ebeling, Vice President, Aon

Jennifer Ebeling
Vice President
Aon, Chicago

Thoroughness is one word that came to mind when clients described cyber insurance broker Jennifer Ebeling.

“She just knows the market really, really well. [She leaves] no stone unturned,” one client said. “You give her some information and she’s almost completing a sentence for you.”

Her deep understanding of cyber risk exposures and her ability to communicate with the markets came in handy for one energy sector client in 2022. She started working on the renewal early in the year to help carriers understand this firm’s unique cyber exposures. She then approached between 30 and 40 retail and wholesale markets to ensure that she secured the best deal possible.

“It’s not an easy job, but she’s always remained positive and optimistic,” the client said. “She talked to anyone who would pick up the phone.”

Her attention to detail was especially appreciated by another client, who purchased a global cyber policy for the first time in 2022. It was a significant step for the business, and Ebeling “did a tremendous job guiding us through the whole process,” the client said.

Her knowledge is vast, and her willingness to share it with her clients is much appreciated.

“So many times, I’ll have a question about something, about coverage, or I’ll need to provide an answer to somebody else about a topic or a question, and she usually gets back to me in less than a half an hour,” a client said.

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