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2022 Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study

A Decade of Data: Latest annual report reveals the trajectory of how claims management has (or has not) progressed over the past decade—ultimately delivering a 10-year industry report card.

White Paper Summary

Over the past decade, claims departments have faced enormous challenges and opportunities, including changing workplace dynamics stemming from the global pandemic, employee turnover and labor shortages, an accelerated focus on digital transformation, escalating claims severity, and greater social accountability for the treatment of injured workers. Yet, looking back 10 years, it may seem that “everything and nothing has changed.” Somewhere in between is reality.

On the tenth anniversary of the Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study’s inaugural publication, the 2022 Study reprises survey questions used since the study began, revealing the trajectory of how claims management has (or has not) progressed over the past decade—ultimately delivering a 10-year industry report card.

Specifically, this latest study Report draws upon survey research conducted with claims leaders in the fall/winter of 2022. In addition to quantifying industry advancement, the Report identifies how high-performing claims organizations distinguish themselves across 30-plus data variables to surpass trendlines and less successful peers in navigating persistent industry challenges. Significant performance differentiators include:

  • Identifying and addressing behavioral health/mental health issues
  • Providing staff training on empathy and other soft skills
  • Measuring injured worker satisfaction as a key metric of claims management effectiveness
  • Harnessing performance-based strategies with staff and vendor partners
  • Employing workflow automation and predictive and prescriptive analytics

Finally, as in prior studies, the 2022 Report continues a thorough exploration of four (4) study indices—Core Competencies, Talent Development & Retention, Technology & Data, and Medical Performance Management—as an ongoing pursuit in identifying the industry’s highest priorities, progress, and performance. The strategies identified in this 2022 Report include tangible, realistic, and potent action steps that will help organizations drive claims management advancement, innovation, and necessary transformation.

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