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WC – What’s Changed? Looking Back. Propelling Forward…

A lot can happen in 25 years.

White Paper Summary

The year was 1998. We all learned that Celine Dion’s heart would go on and Aerosmith didn’t want to miss a thing. Windows were no longer just something you look out of. The search engine took shape and “googling” was a new catchphrase, while Apple unveiled the first iMac for private in-home use.

Just 25 short years ago, pop culture and technology were not the only things about to take on exponential growth and change. It was also the year when a strong female entrepreneur would enter the scene of workers’ compensation with the goal of transforming case management. Little did she know that she would soon want to transform the entire industry.


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As a leading national managed care company, EK Health Services, Inc. sets the gold standard for medical case management, utilization review, medical bill review, network management, and Medicare Set-Asides. We facilitate quality, cost-efficient medical treatment for workers' compensation claims.

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