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Visualizing Opioid Risk

Innovative analytics tools provide better, more actionable data for improved opioid management.
By: | November 10, 2014


With studies suggesting that up to 30% of patients who use opioids become addicted, the monitoring of injured workers on opioid therapy becomes critical to their safety and to treatment success. However, the complexity of most claims renders this more easily said than done. Claims professionals often must dig through a pile of data to uncover potential signs of risk. Often, the information is there, but not easily discernible among the static of multiple prescribers and pharmacies, complex drug regimens, comorbidities, inconsistent refill patterns, and other contributors to data overload.

Risk Management Dashboard, the newest addition to Healthesystems’ suite of analytics tools, eliminates the data overload to reveal the most relevant and actionable information. The intuitive dashboard provides a visual summary that helps claims professionals easily identify areas that require close attention and quick action – enabling them to more effectively manage opioid use.

View a demo of the Risk Management Dashboard at booth #1423.

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