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The Workplace Health Care Solution

With increasing numbers of older Americans joining the workforce to fill a void left by the pandemic, employers must be able to offer a high-quality and affordable health care service program to their employees.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had an adverse effect on today’s workforce.

Thousands of employees have left their companies due to increasingly challenging working conditions or wanting to achieve a better work-life balance.

And with fewer viable candidates left to replace them and productivity declining as a result, this has provided a huge opportunity for older Americans to step into the void.

With experience and a solid skill set, older Americans are known for their strong work ethic, dependability, and loyalty. Many are now choosing to work longer, even into their retirement years, and are looking for more challenging positions where they can apply their knowledge and experience.

But in order to attract older Americans to their workforce, companies need to provide a compelling value proposition, which includes more flexible hours, a friendly and attractive work environment, and, above all, access to high-quality and affordable health care services.

“Older workers certainly place a high value on affordable, quality health care,” said Dr. Janet Cobb, vice president of medical operations at Concentra. “If employers provide a good service, it’s also likely to make them more loyal and committed to working for the company too.”

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