The Predict & Prevent™ Podcast Episode 8: How a Robotic Dog Fetches Risk Data; Season 1 Finale Ask Me Anything

Advances in technology are enhancing our ability to prevent potential losses. In the season one finale of Predict & Prevent, Pete Miller, CEO of The Institutes, learns about a robotic dog that can fetch data from places that are tough for humans to go. 
By: | October 17, 2023
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Season one of the Predict & PreventTM podcast from The Institutes wrapped up this fall with a conversation about the ways technology is being used to take data and analytics and enhance our ability to prevent potential losses.

In the final episode, host Pete Miller, CEO of The Institutes, talks with Nancy Greco, a distinguished engineer with IBM Research, about the evolution of risk data and the use of artificial intelligence to predict and prevent losses that can disrupt operations.

In the second half of the show, Miller sits down with Matthew Kahn, president of Risk & Insurance, to review key takeaways from the first season of the podcast. Kahn then moderates an ask-me-anything (AMA) segment with questions from listeners.

Miller and Greco kick off the episode discussing Greco’s career and role at IBM along with the drivers that are shaping the transformation of risk data.

Their conversation then touches on the business community’s overall shift to focus on loss prediction and how IBM is using Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog “Spot” in data collection.

Greco then shares her take on the advances AI offers for data analysis, the promise she sees in foundation AI models, and how real-time loss intervention can be achieved with the help of AI.

“What’s wonderful about where we are today, and foundation AI models add to it, is we’re democratizing access to data,” Greco said. “Some foundation models can write code for you. I don’t write code very well, if at all. So if I can say, ‘Here, this is what I need it to do,’ and AI can write it, think now that everybody has the opportunity to use their creativity and expertise to solve problems. That’s what’s extraordinary about these times!”

In the second half of the podcast, Miller and Kahn reflect on how the topics covered in season one of the podcast align with real world challenges. They also discuss the growing emphasis on risk prevention, technological advances that aid risk management, and the advantages of real-time data.

Throughout the season, Miller and his guests also explored the evolving landscape of insurance; the need for community and industry collaboration; demonstrating the ROI of adopting prevention tech; and the future of the predict-and-prevent model.

The episode concludes with Miller fielding audience questions. These are some of the things listeners wanted to know:

  • How is generative AI being used in risk management and insurance?
  • What sectors of insurance would especially benefit from real-time data to prevent losses?
  • How will the risk management profession evolve with an emphasis on prediction and prevention?
  • What is the business case for making an investment in technology to predict and prevent losses?

“Insurance will provide tools and products and services if a loss happens because they’re always going to happen. But I think the mindset of the industry will now be: Let’s look at this holistically. Let’s talk about how we avoid accidents and losses in the first place, as well as how do we help you recover from a loss,” Miller said. “That is a fundamental change, but I believe it’s a change that this industry can really undertake and add value at the end of the day.”

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