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One Call Is Emerging from the Pandemic a Changed Company. Here Are 3 Ways It’s Revamping the Business

For all its challenges, the pandemic also brought opportunities to cater to changing needs and focus on innovation.

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A year ago, no one knew for sure how the pandemic would play out or the lasting impacts it would have. Initially, most companies took a wait-and-see approach, hoping things would return to “normal” rather than adapting to a new environment. But others were proactive, recognizing early on that our new, very virtual world could be here to stay.

“When it became clear that COVID-19 was going to have a significant impact beyond a three-week stay-at-home order, we decided to not just adapt to the pandemic crisis, but to make our organization better coming out of it than it was going in,” said Thomas Warsop, CEO of One Call. “The rapid changes forced us to think differently and not be constrained by how things have always been done.”

Here are three ways One Call is emerging from the pandemic as an improved company for the benefit of all its stakeholders:

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One Call is the nation’s leading provider of specialized solutions to the workers’ compensation industry. One Call’s solutions enable faster, more efficient and more cost-effective claims resolution with a focus on injured workers’ needs across the continuum of care.

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