On-Demand Webinar

ODG Training for the State of Texas

This 60-minute webinar focuses on how to use the ODG by MCG guidelines and formulary (adopted by the state of Texas) to review and identify proper, evidence-based medical care for injured workers.

Webinar Summary

The State of Texas adopted the ODG medical treatment guidelines effective May 1, 2007, and adopted the ODG Drug Formulary effective September 1, 2011. ODG hosts a free, 60-minute on-demand webinar to educate clinicians, claims management, and insurance professionals on how to properly use ODG to review and identify appropriate, evidence-based medical care for injured workers.

To learn more about ODG by MCG, please visit their website.

ODG, an MCG Health company, provides unbiased, evidence-based guidelines that unite payers, providers, and employers in the effort to confidently and effectively return employees to health.

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