In Conversation: Clara Analytics’ Kieran Wilcox on Claims Technology

Technology drives innovation in claims handling while keeping the focus on improving outcomes.
By: | January 21, 2024

“The future of innovation in claims handling is helping adjusters with what they do, how they operate, taking the mundane tasks off their desks to allow them to do what they do best — things like speaking to people, investigating claims, and settling claims,” said Kieran Wilcox, AVP of claims at Clara Analytics.

Risk & Insurance writer Abi Potter Clough spoke with Wilcox at the 2023 National Comp Conference about trends in claims management and how technology is changing the industry and improving work for claims adjusters.

Wilcox has a background as a former claims adjuster, giving him inside knowledge and insight into how adjusters work and what type of support they need from their technology. That background continues to inspire his work today.

We discuss what innovation looks like for the claims process, how technology helps adjusters do their jobs better, and what the future holds for the insurance industry. When asked what’s next in innovation, Wilcox called out AI and its possibilities for the claims process, saying “It’s not just AI for the sake of AI; it’s AI with a purpose. Finding tasks for that AI to do and accomplish is the future.”

Wilcox focused his thoughts on how Insurtechs and incumbent carriers can better work together to improve outcomes for injured workers, with a nod towards finding efficiencies to help claims adjusters along the way. Watch this video to hear more from Kieran Wilcox. &

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