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How Nurse Triage Programs Help Facilitate Early Intervention in Workers’ Comp Claims

Triage nurses can step in to provide immediate medical guidance and set injured workers on the right path toward recovery.

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When a worker gets injured on the job, it’s normal for them to experience confusion.

After all, “a lot of times, an injured worker has never had an injury before,” said Erica Fichter, ARM, chief operating officer, medical management and accident & health, Broadspire. Only 14.7% of people have work injuries that require immediate medical treatment during their lifetime, according to a report from the CDC.

A worker who is injured might be frightened or in pain and feel nervous about navigating the workers’ comp system. Often, they’re just looking for someone — anyone — who can provide clarity and help them through the next steps. “Just being able to talk to that person initially sets somebody at ease. We’re advocating for the injured worker,” Fichter said.

Enter nurse triage programs. These programs allow workers to call in and speak with a nurse in the moments right after an injury.

By championing early intervention, nurse triage programs can help workers overcome the initial fear and confusion after an injury and set them on the right path to care — all while keeping costs low for employers.

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