White Paper

Giving Notice: How Workforce Attrition Impacts Workers’ Comp

The workforce is transforming before our eyes, creating a cascade of ripple effects that bear considerations for the labor cool and workers’ compensation populations.

White Paper Summary

The U.S. workforce continues to change. Millions of workers grow older, remote work is more common, and worker priorities have changed. And when the workforce evolves, aspects of workers’ comp can be impacted – whether downstream impacts on timing and access to care for the injured worker, or the ways in which claims organizations must adjust and strategize for their own staffing challenges to keep operations running smoothly and effectively.

Based on results from Healthesystems’ 2022 Workers’ Compensation Industry Insights Report, workers’ comp professionals now view the changing workforce/workplace as the number one factor impacting resiliency in workers’ comp, with 71% of workers’ comp professionals ranking the changing workforce as their top industry concern.

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