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Four Ways to Reduce Stress and Speed Healing for Injured Workers

Stress and anxiety can significantly impair physical healing. With a few adjustments, clinicians and other stakeholders in the workers’ comp process can help reduce stress and facilitate both physical and psychological recovery for injured workers.

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A physical injury naturally comes with some degree of stress and anxiety. Pain, reduced function and fear about the recovery process can all make an injured person feel worried about their future. That psychological stress can further inhibit physical recovery, feeding a vicious cycle.

For people injured at work, stress is exacerbated by concerns about job and financial security.

“Evidence has shown injured workers heal much more slowly than the typical population. We know that they’re a very vulnerable population because they deal with so many different stakeholders. They have the doctor, possibly an attorney, their physical therapist, their nurse case manager, their adjuster, their employer,” said Brian Murphy, PT, DPT, COMT, vice president, physician strategy and market development for One Call.

“On top of that, financial stress is a big factor. Almost two-thirds of injured workers say being in the workers’ compensation system has put them in a very stressful financial situation.”

Injured workers are also more likely to encounter pressure to return to work quickly and may perceive the treatment process as adversarial. In short, they may not always feel advocated for throughout their care journey.

“All these sources of stress contribute to why we typically see worse results in the workers’ compensation system compared to the regular population,” Murphy said.

Not all stress can be eliminated, but it can be reduced. Murphy outlines four ways clinicians can modify their approach to help alleviate anxiety among injured workers and ultimately drive better outcomes.

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