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Evolving Strategies in Patient Management

Clinical intervention strategies must evolve to accommodate the complexities of patient management.
By: | November 10, 2014


Driving more successful outcomes in the treatment of injured workers requires continued innovation. The challenges of managing patient care evolve, and therefore so must strategies for monitoring and intervention. Relying on the status quo means missed opportunities – and missed information.

According to clinical analysis from Healthesystems, a comprehensive
review of medical history identifies underlying treatment concerns in 75% of cases. Nonadherence, comorbidity, psychosocial factors – these all threaten treatment outcomes.

Yet standard monitoring methods (e.g., prescription history) may fail to
identify these concerns, often leaving payers and prescribers with incomplete information on which to base treatment decisions.

Successful management requires a more holistic approach than has historically been performed, especially in high-risk claims that drive the majority of spend. Comprehensive clinical analysis uncovers critical insights that can better inform treatment decisions and improve outcomes.

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