Dynamic Speakers Wanted for NWCDC’s New Short-Format Talks

NWCDC is launching a new short-form educational platform to share quick and powerful ideas. What idea are you passionate about? Submit your proposal now.
By: | January 6, 2020

Recently, we shared some exciting news about the National Workers’ Compensation Conference, our new ownership and our exciting plans for our 2020 event in Chicago this fall — but we’re not done yet.

This year, we’re making room in the expo hall for new energy, new ideas and a new venue for sharing and learning. We’re inviting speakers to help us launch a dynamic series of short talks — 20 to 25 minutes — on  on any topic that will benefit, enlighten or inspire attendees.

Our goal is to make room for content that is powerful and valuable for industry professionals, but might not be an ideal fit for a 60 or 75-minute session. Do you have a message or an idea you can deliver effectively in less than a half-hour? Tell us about it!

We’re open to ALL ideas across the rich spectrum of topics that matter to workers’ comp professionals. Claims management and injury prevention? Of course. Risk finance? Return to work? Yes! But we also want to help attendees succeed as leaders and advance their careers. Can you help your peers understand how to speak the language of a CEO? Do you have some killer tips that will help negotiate like a pro?

Think outside the box. Heck, break the box – we don’t mind. We’re open to all ideas. All we ask is that speakers abide by the Golden Rule: No selling of any kind.

Are you truly passionate about a topic? Passionate enough to energize attendees in the expo hall? To deliver your messages succinctly without slides or co-presenters? We want to hear about it.

If you haven’t already, check out the latest news about NWCDC, then submit your proposal.

Deadline is January 31, 2020 so don’t wait! &

Deadline Extension: Friday, February 7th, 2020.

Michelle Kerr is Workers' Compensation Editor for Risk & Insurance, and chair of the annual National Comp conference. She can be reached at [email protected]

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