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Dangerous Jobs: Why Health Screenings Are Critical to Protect Firefighters

The implementation of an annual wellness-fitness program can improve firefighter fitness and ultimately help save lives.

White Paper Summary

It’s impossible to ignore the great risks taken by firefighters. They experience injuries in large numbers and there is significant loss of life. Almost half of this loss of life is due to cardiovascular events. Additionally, studies suggest that there is an increased risk of the development of certain cancers.

These brave men and women put their lives on the line to rescue and protect others. They won’t hesitate to run into a burning building while wearing heavy gear and carrying heavy equipment in order to save lives.

“​​Their job requires a combination of performance, mobility, strength and endurance, and it often exposes them to environmental hazards and psychosocial hazards as well,” said Dr. Latha Brubaker, senior vice president of medical operations at Concentra.

“Being a firefighter can be physically difficult, it can be dangerous, and the impact of fighting fires and rescue can have a behavioral health impact, as well.”

Given the physical and emotional challenges associated with their jobs, firefighters need to be in top physical condition. Regular holistic health screenings and preventive conditioning programs can help protect these heroes, ensuring they have long careers serving their communities.

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