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Cannabis Products Could Affect Anesthesia Plans, Potentially Opening Up Medical Liability Risk for Providers Who Don’t Assess the Risk

Anesthesia professionals are starting to screen patients for cannabis usage to reduce the potential for medical liability lawsuits.

White Paper Summary

Anesthesia professionals prepare to consider the effects of cannabis use when administering anesthesia or working with a patient on pain management.

Now that the drug is legal for recreational or medicinal use in 38 states and DC, hospital risk management professionals may be scrutinizing how cannabinoids are interacting with drugs commonly used in surgical settings. Regular users of cannabis could have an increased tolerance for anesthesia and analgesia drugs, which could affect anesthesia plans for users undergoing surgeries.

The substance is becoming so commonplace that in January the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine put out a recommendation that anesthesia professionals screen all patients for cannabis use, so that they can consider what effects it could have on surgeries.

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