What Some Very Good Brokers Did to Become Better Than Great and Win Power Broker

By: | February 25, 2019

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected]

When we consider the successes of others and reflect on our own shortcomings, we can fall victim to illogic.

“Well, his dad had a lot of money,” you say to yourself, as you reflect on why the kid who lived two blocks over from you is worth $100 million and you are worth a tiny fraction of that.

“She got lucky,” one might say of an associate commercial insurance broker, who in the space of 10 years, rose to lead an important business division of a global brokerage.

Sure, luck and backing are important. But they’re not as important as hard work.

As I’ve read through the profiles of the commercial insurance brokers who won Power Broker® this year, the importance of hard work shines through repeatedly.

It’s doggedness; it’s never giving up in finding solutions for a client.

Traci Crimm
Senior Account Executive
Aon, St. Louis

I am compelled to point to the efforts by Aon’s Traci Crimm, a winner in the Private Client category.

Her client’s connections informed her one morning as she was driving to work that he needed insurance certifications within the hour in order to compete in a road race in Italy.

Then and there, she pulled off the road, fired up her laptop and got it done. On time. It was not easy.

Was she born with a silver spoon in her mouth? None of my business if she was.

Was she willing to run through a brick wall to get something done for a client?

Yes indeed. She was willing — and able.

Congratulations to Traci and the rest of our 2019 Power Brokers®. You know what you have in common.

The complete list of Power Broker® winners can be found here.

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