Risk Strategies Broker Mary Pontillo Recognized as a 2023 Fine Arts Power Broker

Topics: Fine Arts

Mary Pontillo, Senior Vice President/Fine Art Practice Leader, Risk Strategies

Mary Pontillo
Senior Vice President/Fine Art Practice Leader
Risk Strategies, Charlottesville, Va.

“Mary really has no competition in this area,” said one client of Mary Pontillo. “She’s not just in a different league, she’s playing a different sport.”

This year, Pontillo worked with her clients to navigate a number of insurance challenges. For a large museum client, she worked the markets and secured coverage for large exhibitions. When another client experienced an issue where some art ended up damaged, she walked them through the claims process with sensitivity and grace.

“When a work has been damaged, it’s just such an incredibly painful thing,” another client said. “It’s so sensitive and she just gets it.”

Other clients were impressed with her knowledge of fine arts and the unique needs of studio, museum and private clients. Whether it’s coverage for paintings, sculptures or other items, large or small collections, clients said that Pontillo is the broker for the job.

“She got in the weeds and she really took the time to understand exactly how we operate,” she said.

“She understands it from the gallery point of view, from the museum point of view and from the artist’s point of view.”

Her customer service goes above and beyond too. When she heard an operations director for one of her clients was feeling sick, she sent soup and well wishes for a fast recovery.

“That’s just who she is as a person,” a client said. “She’s a real treasure.”

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