Risk Strategies Broker Emily Schaffer Recognized as a 2023 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Emily Schaffer, Assistant Vice President, Risk Strategies

Emily Schaffer
Assistant Vice President
Risk Strategies, New York

As an artist herself, Emily Schaffer has an intimate understanding of the unique risks art made from different materials can harbor. Whether it’s sketches on paper, paintings on canvas or sculptures made of stone, she’s acutely aware of the elements that can damage a great piece.

“Her knowledge of galleries and the artists and the materials they use is huge, because there’ll be an impact on what you’re dealing with in terms of damages or losses,” said Larry Giacoletti, registrar and collections manager, The Noguchi Museum.

Her knowledge of the industry makes her a great fit for studio and museum clients alike. “We’re complex,” said client Teneille Haggard, studio director for the Carol Bove Studio, “and I’m always really impressed by how she can take all of our different concerns and figure out how to get us the best deal and the most comprehensive coverage.”

This past year, Schaffer helped one studio client, a sculptor, obtain the proper insurance coverages as they began acquiring more properties in rural areas to have more studio space.

Schaffer’s knowledge of the artist’s practices proved critical as she worked with carriers to find the right insurance policies.

Giacoletti said he’s impressed by her ability to explain complex insurance issues and her willingness to travel to the museum. “I’m never left in the dark,” he added. “We are a small museum, and we aren’t easy to get to. She makes an effort to physically stop by.”

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