Risk Strategies Broker Christopher Wise Recognized as a 2023 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Christopher Wise, Vice President, Risk Strategies

Christopher Wise
Vice President
Risk Strategies, New York

With Christopher Wise, artists never have to worry about insurance: “I know jack about insurance. It’s not my forte. My forte is being creative,” a client said. “[With Chris,] you know somebody’s there. Somebody has your back.”

Take artist Tomokazu Matsuyama, who has his own studio where he employs over 20 people and keeps a collection of art in addition to creating his own work — some of which includes public art installations. Wise made sure the insurance policy offered coverage for all aspects of the business.

“My insurance was extremely challenging,” Matsuyama said. “Chris really helped stabilize this policy language so it made sense for the insurance company and for myself.”

Another client recently left a position with a reputable commercial gallery to begin working independently, but they struggled to find the insurance needed to make sure the business would have the protection it needed.

“I had significant problems with several insurance brokers to find coverage for my business model,” the client said. “The process began to get so frustrating that I began to think it was not possible.”

Just as they were about to give up, a mutual friend recommended Wise as an insurance broker who would be able to secure the needed coverages. Wise connected the client with an attorney and together they were able to get necessary contracts in place.

“Chris understood what I set out to do and knows all of the people I collaborate with. Our discussions were efficient. His knowledge helped pull the pieces together.”

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