Risk Strategies Broker Cathy Brunetto Recognized as a 2023 Entertainment Power Broker

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Cathy Brunetto, Assistant Vice President, Risk Strategies

Cathy Brunetto
Assistant Vice President
Risk Strategies, New York

For more than 20 years. Cathy Brunetto has kept her primary focus on the entertainment space. As an industry veteran, she’s learned that staying abreast of updates and trends in the industry is profoundly beneficial for her and her clients alike.

Mike Deckard, SVP, HR, Premier Productions, recently worked with Brunetto and the Risk Strategies team during an integration of companies and the movement of many policies at one time.

“Cathy made herself available, even on off-days and strange hours, to help transition our companies:· Deckard said.

“She proactively participated in making sure we were where we needed to be and worked tirelessly against some last-minute deadlines.” Being in the entertainment industry, Deckard recognizes entertainment specialists – and Brunetto meets the definition.

“She was immediately able to understand our needs and stepped right into a trusted source of information for our team.” Deckard said.

Likewise, Scott Armstrong. president, Spiegelworld, has worked closely with Brunetto to review all his company’s policies to ensure it is getting the best coverage possible. “Cathy’s customer service is excellent, and she is very responsive,” Armstrong said.

“I can call her at any time. We are a needy company, and her support and dedication are amazing. We have five businesses that Cathy watches over for us. I have worked with Cathy for over 10 years, and she is very knowledgeable about our business and the nuances of each of our companies.”

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