Newfront Broker Erik Stenson Recognized as a 2023 Technology Power Broker

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Erik Stenson, Senior Vice President, Newfront

Erik Stenson
Senior Vice President
Newfront, San Francisco

In the business of cryptocurrency, you want a broker who gets it. And Erik Stenson “unbelievably so” understands the nuances of this growing tech space.

This year, Carla Carriveau, former general counsel at CoinList, was trying to figure out how to give users the ability to buy their own insurance as an added form of protection over their crypto. Stenson surveyed the landscape and found carriers in London willing to underwrite it.

“It was a hard ask, and he delivered.”

Crypto is a business that’s constantly changing, depending on market volatility, demand and more.

For Brad Awaya, VP, controller at Ripple, Stenson has the ability and the desire to understand what his crypto clients are doing.

“He helps me consider things from an insurance perspective that I wasn’t considering before. And he takes the time to understand our insurance needs and where we’re headed.”

When Awaya gets any news or press releases discussing some new trend or disruption in the crypto world, he can count on getting a ping from Stenson too.

“He’ll already be asking us questions on how this news impacts us and what we’re going to do with it,” said Awaya.

Awaya’s company had a new business line launching this year, and through the conversations he had with Stenson, Awaya was impressed with the broker’s ability to take a complex process in a complex business and show how it relates to current insurance policies, then figure out different ways to mitigate any outstanding risks with new policies or other solutions.

Said Awaya, “He has the ability and want to dive into the details.”

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