Marsh Broker Melissa Wirthlin Recognized as a 2023 Marine Power Broker

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Melissa Wirthlin, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Portrait of Melissa Wirthlin

Melissa Wirthlin, CIC, AIS
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Portland, Ore.

One of Melissa Wirthlin’s clients is a family-owned company that suffered a personal tragedy at the end of 2021. In a sad irony, a succession plan had only just been determined but not yet implemented in terms of managing the insurance.

“Melissa supported us in every way,” said one family member, “personally and professionally. We asked if she could spend some time with the person who took over the insurance to go over our many policies. Melissa came to our office and spent several hours explaining workers’ compensation, liability, bumbershoot, health, dental and auto insurances. That was totally over and above anything we ever could have asked for. Melissa showed she cared for us and the success of our business. With her help, we’ve been able to get back on track. In today’s hands-off atmosphere, Melissa is a refreshing exception.”

In 2022, another of Wirthlin’s clients acquired a marine port on the other side of the country.

“Our stock-throughput underwriter wanted an unreasonable amount to add the new location, and Melissa brought us a much cheaper option through a standalone program,” said the risk manager.

“We didn’t even realize that could be an option. Melissa is constantly thinking about doing things in better ways. She asks thoughtful questions so that we can collaborate and create the best program. Melissa was also tested in that we purchase a significant amount of limits through the marine bumbershoot market, which sits excess of a casualty tower.”

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