Gallagher Broker Will Giambalvo Recognized as a 2023 Real Estate Power Broker

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Will Giambalvo, Managing Director, Gallagher

Will Giambalvo
Managing Director
Gallagher, Greenville, S.C.

When your business occupies a particular niche, it’s great to have an insurance broker who knows that niche like a partner.

“We’ve got a portfolio of buildings in South Florida,” said one of Will Giambalvo’s clients, whose niche is investing in buildings where the government is the tenant.

“Will came up with a wind deductible strategy where we pay a little bit more in premiums, but it allowed for a buydown of our deductible, which in our business provided more of a flattening out of what our risk was over a period of time. He also got for us rent loss insurance, [so if] we lose the government for a period of time, we can get up to 18 months of rental coverage on it — environmental, mold, cyber insurance, you name it.”

The client added, “I value him as a partner. When we’re looking at new buildings or new leases, I get him involved up front to take a look at the language that’s involved, to make sure that we’ve got our bases covered, either from a loan documentation standpoint or access agreement standpoint.”

This isn’t the only client who feels that way about Giambalvo.

“To have a partner with an understanding of the different markets and submarkets and their unique risks has been invaluable,” said a national real estate portfolio manager.

“I can’t explain how elated I am to have formed this partnership with Will and his team. They have really helped to lighten the load on my desk, and their customer service is off the charts.”

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