Gallagher Broker Ronni Rausch Recognized as a 2023 Public Sector Power Broker

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Ronni Rausch, Area SVP/NE Region Director, Gallagher

Ronni Rausch, CPCU
Area SVP/NE Region Director, Public Sector
Gallagher, Boston

A broker with deep insurance knowledge is an asset. But what makes an excellent broker — like Ronni Rausch — is one who advocates for their client’s continued education.

“Ronni went out of her way to help me get to a weeklong educational event through PRIMA,” said Sara Lowenthal, director of safety and risk, City of Hartford.

Cities have budgets, and sending Lowenthal to this event required review. Rausch advocated for her client, because she knew the value it held.

“Ronni even attended it with me … not only did I get to attend the event, I got this valuable one-on-one time with her.”

But Rausch is more than an education advocate; she’s also an advocate of getting her clients what they need: “The past few years have been extremely tough with a very hardened insurance market on many insurance lines in our program. Ronni has been there to explain everything and to work hard to provide the best possible quotes and insurance coverages, as well as very sound advice, to myself and my colleagues here,” said Megan Damato, Esq., director of risk management, Town of Greenwich.

Andrew Russell, senior assistant VP of operations and associate treasurer, University of Massachusetts System, added: “What we appreciate about Ronni and Gallagher is that they are in line with our approach, which is a risk mitigation strategy.”

Renewal saw some challenges this year, particularly in the GL, cyber and fiduciary arenas, but Rausch was sure to keep the integrity of the UMass program intact.

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