Aon Broker Thomas Pagano Recognized as a 2023 Agriculture Power Broker

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Thomas Pagano, Senior Vice President, Aon

Thomas Pagano, CPCU, ARM, AIC, CIC, WCCP
Senior Vice President
Aon, Sacramento, Calif.

One client may never forget the difference that Thomas Pagano made to her company. “Like a breath of fresh air,” she said, he arrived on the scene and patched up her insurance program. In the process, he uncovered some bone-chilling gaps in her company’s coverage. “It was eye-opening and scary at the same time,” the client recalled.

Pagano also delivers the kind of customer service they expect and respect.

“I have never had to wait for him on anything,” she said, echoing a sentiment that many of us hold: that we shouldn’t have to chase a service provider for deliverables.

“Thomas immediately struck me as someone who is more knowledgeable in the space than anyone else I have encountered,” said Nate Offenberg, CEO, Pacific Farms.

Pagano helped this client sift through a product quality claim and in the process discovered that a distributor’s policy would take the hit and not his client’s. But rather than leave the distributor and a customer hanging out to dry, Pagano stayed in the conversation, helping to resolve the claim with a minimum of friction and hard feelings on the part of all the concerned parties.

“I could not imagine working with anybody else,” Offenberg said. “He just rises to the top.”

“My approach to client service is to be an educator and an advisor,” Pagano said in his Power Broker application. “I enjoy taking the mystery out of insurance and risk management, especially for those clients who are new to their role.”

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