Aon Broker Rachel Dawes Recognized as a 2023 Retail Power Broker

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Rachel Dawes, Casualty Team Leader, Aon

Rachel Dawes
Casualty Team Leader
Aon, United Kingdom

When one of Rachel Dawes’ clients — a manufacturer classified as a chemical account because of its product line — was seeking renewal in July of 2022, there was fear that the renewal’s outcome would be less than optimal. Because of the manufacturer’s class, PFAS contamination and liability were top exposures and coverage concerns.

But Dawes delivered a sizable win for the manufacturer, which produces dozens of products sold at retail. It’s this success that has earned her a spot as a 2023 Power Broker.

Dawes collaborated with underwriters and was able to keep exclusions for PFAS and benzene (another demanding chemical) off the manufacturer’s policy coverage. This feat is neither typical nor easy to come by due to the weight of PFAS exposure.

To do this, Dawes not only advocated to remove this exclusion, but with her meticulous review of the policy language, she was able to “highlight the need to reword the PFAS exclusion which was implemented,” according to her application.

The rewording stemmed from Dawes’ evaluation of the policy, which originally contained language that could exclude any of the manufacturers’ products that contained PFAS or similar chemicals.

What makes Dawes such an asset in these difficult renewals is “her [ability to] speak to the complexities of claims and [her] good working relationship with underwriters,” according to the client.

He added, “I can see her as one of the up-and-coming specialists in our field.”

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