Aon Broker Julie Theirl Recognized as a 2023 Public Sector Power Broker

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Julie Theirl, Executive Vice President, Aon

Julie Theirl
Executive Vice President
Aon, San Francisco

Five years ago, Julie Theirl began the extensive process of creating a public sector claims database, with a big focus on sexual abuse and molestation claims.

In that same time, California lengthened the statute of limitations of reporting, so now SAM claims dating as far back as the 1970s could impact her clients.

Luckily, her database is continuing to prove effective: “Because of Julie, I have a shortlist of attorneys trained in defending nuclear verdicts [relating to SAM claims]. That’s a brand-new thing for us,” said Martin Brady, executive director, Schools Insurance Authority.

“She has a servant’s heart and works with passion for the betterment of us all.”

Her data-collecting days are far from over, as Andy Sells, executive director, ACWA JPIA, noted. The idea with the latest claims data collection is to show where claims losses are hurting public entities.

“Anytime a $20 million claim comes up against a school, that’s $20 million less for teachers, books,” Sells said. “She understands our risks and what we’re trying to do, and she understands the challenge to get things moving.”

Barbara Gliszczynski, risk manager, City of Henderson, entered into public sector risk management about two years ago. Theirl mentored her through that that transition.

As someone who works closely on SAM claims in public schools, Theirl was able to translate that for the city when Gliszczynski needed to develop and implement a plan.

“She gave me the assistance and guidance through her other clients’ programs so that I had the examples to build my own.”

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