David Agnew


David Agnew is an associate editor at Risk & Insurance®. He can be reached at [email protected].

Portrait of Baptiste Collot
A severe convective storm looms above a corporate campus
Large hailstones strike and shatter a solar panel
An airliner, seen from below, flies across the sky
Portrait of Jenise Klein
A mass timber framed building nears completion
An injured worker grabbing his leg is attended to by a coworker
A young woman sits in an office to receive biopsychosocial treatment
A woman stands in front of her desk, holding her back to indicate back strain
Aerial photo of a football stadium
Overhead view of a large cargo ship
Miami-Dade County Public Schools employees participate in an outdoor fitness class
Aerial view of IBHS's Research Facility
Portrait of Roy Wright
Portrait of George Netscher
An experimental hydrogen fuel cell locomotive developed by Canadian Pacific
Portrait of Sally Kucharczyk
Portrait of Clayton Matthews