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7 On-Demand Insurance Start-Ups Influencing the Market

Insurance can now be turned on or off with the swipe of a smartphone.
By: | August 30, 2018

App-based on-demand insurance turns on coverage with just a snap or swipe. Here are seven start-ups paving the way.

Trōv Inc.

Trōv offers on-demand insurance for valuable personal possessions like camera equipment, televisions, smartphones, sports equipment, musical instruments and mobile phones. Trov is available in the U.K., Australia and now in the U.S., beginning with Arizona.

Verifly Insurance Services

New York startup Verifly provides an insurance product available on-demand in 49 states for drones weighing 15 lbs or less. The startup has sold more than 35,000 policies in two years. Since its launch, drone pilots have asked Verifly to arrange coverage for their other jobs, such as photography, construction work, house painting, DJ’ing, and more.


Metromile: Pay As You Go Auto Insurance  can be used to quickly offer insurance coverage for drivers who are not driving frequently, with transparent pricing based on the miles a user actually drives.


London startup Cuvva allows you to pay for just what you use based on the exact number of hours or days you’re driving, offering a unique competing value proposition to Metromile: You can insure yourself to drive in any vehicle — such as a friend’s car — for durations as little as a single hour. Available only in the UK.

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Slice Labs

New York startup Slice Labs provides tailored insurance offering for home sharing hosts. Hosts pay only for insurance equivalent to the guest’s length of stay and the offering is available as a beta offering in 13 states for AirBnB, VRBO, HomeAway, and FlipKey.

Sure Inc.

New York startup Sure Inc. offers on-demand renters’ coverage as well as coverage for luggage, collectibles, smartphones, fine art and jewelry and pets. Notably, Sure also offers small business insurance for general liability, business personal property, and lost business income.

Digital Risks

UK startup Digital Risks covers digital businesses against loss due to employer’s liability, public liability, professional indemnity, cyber liability, directors & officers’ liability, content & equipment, commercial legal protection, and media liability. &

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