10 Workers’ Comp Podcasts You Really Don’t Want to Miss

These workers' comp podcasts offer valuable educational content from industry veterans for industry pros.
By: | August 22, 2020

When it comes to learning about the workers’ compensation industry, there is a plethora of resources already at your fingertips. 


From earning designations to webinars and other one-time resources, there are plenty of ways for workers’ comp professionals to increase their knowledge of the industry. 

One of the newer resources for those working in the industry are podcasts. Easy to listen to while out on a walk or a drive, podcasts can help busy working professionals learn more about the industry without taking up too much time.   

These 10 workers’ comp podcasts are a great resource for industry professionals to keep up with trends and to learn tips for making their programs better. 

1) Workers’ Compensation Academy

Where to Stream: Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify

Episode Not to Miss: New Jersey Workers’ Comp: Medical Marijuana and Opiates”

Workers’ Compensation Academy covers a range of workers’ comp topics, including legal issues and medical management, among other things.

The podcast slightly skews towards covering issues in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but the advice its expert guests offer can be applicable to many states. 

2) Workers’ Comp Matters

Where to Stream: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Legal Talk Network 

Episode Not to Miss: How Millennials and Work Remotes are Impacting Workers’ Comp

Hosted by two lawyers, Workers’ Comp Matters is a great podcast to turn to if you’re looking for something that covers current legal and regulatory trends.

Episodes on medical marijuana, the gig economy and opioid dispensation are some of the strongest in this series.  

3) Inside Workers’ Comp

Where to Stream: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Genex website

Episode Not to Miss: Chronicling the World of Workers’ Comp with Roberto Ceniceros”

With episodes on topics ranging from how service affects claims costs to the affects of PTSD on return-to-work, Inside Workers’ Comp is a good all-around podcast for workers’ compensation professionals. 

The show features experts from around the industry, including former Risk & Insurance® senior editor Roberto Ceniceros

4) The Accidental Safety Pro

Where to Stream: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, PodBean

Episode Not to Miss: “How We Can Return to Work the Right Way — COVID-19 Special” 

Like many in the risk management and insurance industry, safety professionals often fall into their roles.

The Accidental Safety Pro podcast looks at some of the unconventional paths people take to become workers’ compensation and safety professionals as they share advice for creating successful workplace safety programs. 

5) Fit for Work

Where to Stream: Apple Podcasts,  Stitcher, Podtail

Episode Not to Miss: “Neuroplasticity for Safety and Resilience”

Worker health and fitness can be key to preventing workplace injuries.

This podcast dives into how employers can keep their employees both physically and mentally healthy. They cover hot topics, like wearable tech and mental health, and more traditional safety issues. 

6) FraudFeed

Where to Stream: Apple Podcasts, Coalition Against Insurance Fraud website

Episode Not to Miss: “Stealing Workers-Comp Premiums” 

Dedicated to insurance fraud, FraudFeed isn’t solely focused on workers’ comp, but the episode on workers’ comp premium fraud is worth a listen for workers’ compensation professionals, especially since fraud is such a hot topic in the industry. 

7) Work Comp Talk

Where to Stream: Apple Podcasts

Episode Not to Miss: “Good Mental Health is Good Health” 

Another good all-around workers’ comp show, Work Comp Talk has several episodes that dive deep into COVID-19 effects on the industry.

It also covers industry trends and hot topics, including mental health in workers’ comp. 

8) Safety Experts Talk

Where to Stream: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Podtail

Episode Not to Miss: “Learn Workplace Safety From a Prison Movie”

In this podcast, safety and continuous improvement industry leaders sit down and talk about trends and best practices. They cover topics including total worker health, OSHA inspections and protecting frontline workers. 

9) California Work Comp Report

Where to Stream: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher


Episode Not to Miss: “What Will Become of the Independent Contractor in California” Parts One and Two

California is known as a bit of a legal and regulatory trend-setter when it comes to workers’ compensation.

From topics — like independent contractor laws — that are specific to the state, to ones such as the digitization of workers’ comp, which have more general appeal, this podcast can benefit anyone looking to learn more about industry trends. 

10) RIMSCast

Where to Stream: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, RIMS website

Episode Not to Miss: “Safety Does Not Pause: Employee Hazards During COVID-19”

While not focused solely on workers’ comp, the RIMSCast podcast is one every insurance and risk management professional should keep handy.

Episodes on the future of workers’ compensation, fatigue and autonomous vehicle risks may be of particular interest to workers’ comp professionals. &

Courtney DuChene is an associate editor at Risk & Insurance. She can be reached at [email protected]

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