Which of these 9 Workers’ Comp challenges concern you the most?

Tell our editors about your most critical workers' comp challenges at the 2018 National Workers' Compensation and Disability Conference® & Expo.
By: | November 28, 2018 • 1 min read

Stop by our booth (#7123) at the 2018 National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference® & Expo and tell us about your most critical Workers’ Comp challenges for 2019. Our editors are working on an in-depth report and want to hear from you about the key challenges you face. Don’t worry, we won’t use your name in the articles if you prefer!

The 9 critical challenges we identified for 2019 are:

• Claims data breach
• Growth of complex claims
• Opioid and substance abuse
• Mental health exposures
• Comorbidities and poor worker health
• Regulatory and legislative changes
• Distracted drivers and auto collisions
• Escalating medical costs
• Cumulative trauma

The Risk & Insurance® editorial team at the conference will include:

See you there!


The R&I Editorial Team can be reached at [email protected]

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The R&I Editorial Team can be reached at [email protected]