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Strengthening the Insurance Talent Pipeline: How Broadspire’s Early Career Training Program Is Taking Dead Aim at Industry Talent Shortfalls

Broadspire’s ambitious early career training program is harnessing dozens of new professionals and giving them the opportunity to advance, with the help of potent technology platforms.

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Talk to anyone who’s been in insurance for more than 20 years about their career origins. You’ll probably hear about well-funded training programs at carriers and TPAs in the 1990’s and even further back — programs that graduated thousands of skilled professionals, many of whom are still in insurance careers today.

For reasons that remain clouded in the passage of time, a lot of those training programs withered, to the point that they became no more than anecdotal references, tinged by nostalgia and a regret for what we had but lost.

For executives at Broadspire, that traditional insurance training program, with all of the investment it needs to be successful, is back in full swing. The company is investing millions in a system-wide program that has placed more than 100 early career professionals in training to become adjusters or other key players in the claims management profession.


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